BT unveils the “Quick Stay Guarantee”

When people are looking for a new broadband offering, speed isn’t the only factor that makes up good performance.

Reliability and consistency are also extremely important things to consider when choosing a broadband plan. After all, you don’t want to suddenly experience buffering when trying to stream the latest episode of Game of Thrones or have the service completely cut off when you’re about to win a Fortnite match for the first time.

Suppliers must offer service quality guarantees if they are to attract and retain customers – and one supplier looking to do so with a new initiative is BT.

Presentation of the Stay Fast guarantee

The UK’s largest internet provider recently launched its new ‘Quick Stay Guarantee’, which will be available to new and existing customers. BT’s new warranty aims to provide much more reassurance about the speed and reliability of its broadband services, as well as to provide expert assistance in the event of a problem.

In this context, customers will benefit from a tailor-made speed guarantee when they subscribe to BT services or extend an existing contract. This will clearly state the performance that users should expect based on the estimated capacities of their individual line.

If BT believes a customer could achieve faster line speed, the company will look to optimize broadband performance remotely without the user having to request. Alternatively, an engineer can also be dispatched to find the best solution for that customer if needed.

BT says this will be backed up by 24-hour monitoring to ensure actual performance reaches the speeds promised, while customers will also be able to proactively check their own speeds through their My BT account.

If anything goes wrong, expert support in the UK and Ireland will be available to quickly resolve speed issues and help customers achieve the most reliable broadband speeds.

Additionally, if BT engineers are unable to resolve issues and get speeds back to where they should be within 30 days of identifying a fault, customers will be eligible to receive up to £ 20 of reduction on their bills, and will be able to claim it up to four times a year if problems persist.

Will other suppliers follow suit?

As BT highlights the benefits for customers of the Stay Fast Guarantee, another reason for its introduction may well be to ensure that the company is able to meet its commitments under a new code of practice. introduced by Ofcom in March. BT – along with most of the other major broadband service providers, including Virgin Media, Sky and TalkTalk – have agreed to Ofcom Code of Practice for Voluntary Speeds.

These rules require providers to offer new customers a personalized estimate of their high-speed upload and download speeds, as well as the minimum speed they can expect to receive. If this minimum standard is not met, users have the right to terminate their contract without penalty.

With Ofcom also revising the fault compensation rules – with consumers now automatically entitled to a refund if defects are not corrected promptly, other suppliers may follow BT’s footsteps and introduce formal guarantees that spell out what customers can expect in terms of speed and reliability.

While not all providers have adhered to the Voluntary Speed ​​Code of Practice, providers that covered 95% of consumers, so it’s likely that you will also benefit from similar guarantees.

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