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Business broadband packages

Professional broadband designed for commercial use comes with additional benefits you simply don’t get with home broadband. Whether you’re a freelance working from home or running a business with dozens of employees – or something in between – when it comes to getting connected, business broadband plans have several important advantages. compared to domestic broadband packages:

  • Priority service and support – Broadband service providers tend to prioritize the needs of their business customers over those of residential customers, and will address issues as quickly as possible to keep your business online at all times.
  • Faster downloads – Business broadband normally offers much better download speeds than home internet, which is important for adding new content to your website, sending large files, or backing up to the cloud. Fast speeds with fiber optic lines – check out broadband offers for fiber companies here.
  • Static IP addresses – Often included in corporate broadband plans, a static IP address makes it easier to host and manage your own website and allows you to connect to your work computer from anywhere. You can compare packages with a static IP here.
  • Web hosting – Most business broadband providers offer additional services such as web hosting, cloud space, domain names and email addresses for employees, and sometimes include them in packages without additional costs.

Which suppliers offer business packages?

TalkTalk Business

TalkTalk has a huge range of plans in its arsenal for businesses of all sizes. For broadband, there is everything from a basic ADSL line to full Ethernet fiber connections with upload and download speeds of up to 1 Gb. Needless to say, you have a lot of choices. All plans include unlimited downloads, no web traffic management, WorkSafe Internet security, and the Talk2Go app if you include a phone plan.

Speaking of which, TalkTalk’s voice and calling services are also not to be sniffed. It offers phone lines, complex business phone systems, voice over Ethernet, an inbound solution, and of course easy-to-remember phone numbers.

Other services available include hosted data centers, call recording, and business mobile offerings. Oh, and that’s fantastic value too.

Learn more about TalkTalk Business

Virgin Media Affairs

Small and medium-sized businesses can choose between two main types of Virgin Media packages. Essential Business Internet is their basic business plan that gives you the essentials: download speeds of up to 50MB, unlimited downloads, and up to 72 hours of failure response; while the Voom Fiber option offers download speeds of up to 350MB and fault response of up to 12 hours.

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XLN Telecom

XLN is a company focused on broadband and telephone lines for small businesses. Its two main offers, Basix and Max, are available with ADSL lines, high speed fiber optic and line rental. Each package includes 24/7 UK-based customer support as well as the option to add security software.

There aren’t many options for large businesses, but if all your workplace needs is a phone line and an Internet connection, you’re in luck.

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BT company

BT’s options for enterprise broadband are among the most extensive on the market. If your business only needs the Internet to check e-mail from time to time, you will have no problem with basic BT broadband; while a large business that needs a reliable and constant connection can get a leased line.

As for voice services, it offers four line rental options with different levels of customer service, up to BT Prompt Care which makes you a priority in the event your line goes down. You’ll have about a billion calling features available to add – like three-way calls, internal calls, and hunt group numbers.

As with all BT broadband plans, signing up will give you free access to over 5 million public Wi-Fi hotspots, so you can work from almost anywhere.

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If you’re looking for a broadband service provider that appeals to small businesses, bOnline is definitely worth a look. The provider specializes in affordable, easy-to-understand plans with speeds of up to 24MB, 40MB or 80MB. This means it can cater for both independent merchants and offices.

It has excellent customer service and technical support, and it also offers extensive business services including website design and search engine optimization.

Static IP addresses

One of the main advantages of professional broadband offerings is that they usually include at least one static IP address. Home broadband typically has a dynamic IP address – an identification number that changes at regular intervals. A static IP address always stays the same, giving you access to advanced Internet features that are particularly useful in business, such as setting up your own FTP server so that you can transfer large numbers of files. The main advantages of a static IP address for a business are:

  • Access your computer remotely – With a static IP address, your computer can be located and identified on the Internet, allowing you to connect to it and access the files and software it contains from anywhere as long as you can connect.
  • Host your own website and FTP server – Associating your domain name with a static IP address allows your website to be found, while an FTP server makes it easier to send and receive large files from those you do business with.
  • Configure your own email – A static IP address also allows you to set up an email server, giving you direct control over your company’s email, which you don’t get with an external provider.

Learn more about static IPs

Leased lines

A leased line essentially provides your business with its own private internet connection, which means it will not be affected by other network users in the area. Having your own connection also means the speeds you pay are the speeds you get – there’s no guarantee that will be the case with regular business broadband. You may need a leased line if you host your own website or mail server, send many large files, or want more resiliency and security for your Internet connection.

Business phone plans

Just as upgrading to business broadband helps you get the most out of your connection, business phone plans offer additional features to help your business thrive. A phone line is usually required for broadband, so it makes sense to get both broadband and your business phone from one provider. Depending on the provider you choose, you can get a discount on the calls or even on the mobile plans that come with the handsets for employees. The main advantages of business phone plans are:

  • Professional phone numbers – Professional telephone plans offer different types of numbers. While local numbers can reassure customers nearby, a toll-free, non-geographic number will help attract new customers from further afield.
  • Second row – If you need a second telephone line, perhaps to help manage customer inquiries, your professional telephone operator will be happy to assist you. You will generally benefit from a reduction if you take more than one professional landline.
  • Priority support – Business phone service providers understand the importance of a functioning phone line to your business, so they will respond to any technical issues as quickly as possible.
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