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At Monday’s Plymouth Joint Council meeting, Lendterra and the city are on stable ground. Clerk-Treasurer Jeanine Xaver informs council that Lendterra, the owners of Briarwood Estates, has paid the full deposit required for the water bill. The company had a deadline of June 1 to pay the deposit of $ 4,600.

For this reason, the town will not shut down the water service to the residents of Briarwood.

In March, Lendterra’s Carla Jetton and David Crantz appealed to the council to drop the filing. The board has negotiated up to $ 2,800 and to extend the closing order by 48 hours pending full payment of the remaining balance, payment of the deposit and Lendterra’s registration for automatic payments.

On May 10, council was informed that while the balance and the deposit of $ 2,800 had been paid, Lendterra had not signed up for automatic payment. Therefore, council reinstated the full deposit of $ 4,600 by stipulating that it had to be paid by Tuesday, June 1, otherwise the water service would be closed to residents.

Residents of Briarwood Estates attended Monday’s council meeting. Representing the group was Paul Shumaker. He thanked the council members who stood up for not turning off the water, but wanted them to know that the situation in Briarwood was anything but good.

“With the former owners of Briarwood residents there, I don’t know the polite way to say it would be, but we were ripped off by the former owners,” Shumaker said. “And the new owners are ripping us off even more.”

According to Shumaker, when the new owners took over, they tried to double the association’s dues even though there was no council or representatives for the residents.

“And it’s a condominium association so we should have said that, but we don’t have one at the moment,” he said.

“I think we want to be careful not to tackle this issue because it’s really between you, as owners, and the association,” warned Jeff Houin, board member. “My biggest concern was if you were going to turn off your water and it looks like that wasn’t a problem.”

Shumaker was relieved to learn that the deposit had been paid and the water was not going to be turned off.

For more on the story, look for the full article in the May 26 edition of Pilot News.

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