Boxer Controls Chaos | Wyndham

Fatima Halloum

Wyndham athlete Mason Smith wants three things from his boxing career.

To reach a larger audience, positively motivate people and win as many fights as possible.

The 27-year-old recently won the Australian Boxing Federation’s Victorian Super Welterweight Championship silver belt and will challenge for a national title later this year.

But boxing wasn’t always the career Smith thought he had for himself.

“I started football when I was very young. I got caught up in the culture, partying, doing things I shouldn’t be doing, then boxing found me and changed my life forever. for the best.

Smith describes boxing as “controlled chaos” and says whoever can best deal with the stressors of the sport while in the ring will perform better.

“I try to explain it to friends and family who say, ‘why are you boxing?’ or ‘are you nervous before a fight?’ Ultimately, it’s a sport like tennis or basketball, but obviously it’s a bit more aggressive.

Smith believes boxing is the most disciplined sport, he is mindful of what he eats and is committed to training regularly. To stay focused, he practices meditation.

“I’m really big on mindfulness. To be truly present in every moment, not to worry, just to follow what is happening at that moment.

Smith said his story is that of a professional athlete trying to make a name for himself.

“Coming from Werribee, especially a blue collar community, people make money with their hands,” he said.

“I just think it’s relevant to people because if someone like me can stay consistent and work hard and be persistent, then anyone can do it.”

James V. Hayes