Borderlands 3: Complete Controls Guide for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Tips for Beginners

Borderlands 3 is a first-person shooter game available for free on the Epic Games Store. Sequel to Borderlands 2, the game takes place in an open-world environment with the option to play single-player or multiplayer. Complete quests and side missions to progress through the story while leveling up your characters and unlocking new abilities.

Below, you’ll find your complete guide to the controls for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. After the commands, you’ll find gameplay tips for beginners or those who haven’t played Borderlands in a while. Still, the tips should prove useful even for series veterans.

All Borderlands 3 PC Commands

  • Before: O
  • Backward : S
  • Move left: A
  • Turn right : D
  • To jump: Space
  • Sprint: Left shift
  • Crouch/glide: Left Ctrl
  • Fire/Primary Weapon: Left mouse button
  • Melee: V
  • Reload: R
  • Action skill: F
  • Grenade Throw: g
  • Next weapon: A
  • Previous weapon: D
  • Weapon 1: Number 1
  • Weapon 2: Number 2
  • Weapon 3: Number 3
  • Weapon 4: Number 4
  • Secondary use: Q
  • Main use: E
  • Weapon mode: VS
  • ADS(Aim) / Secondary Weapon: Right mouse button
  • Photo mode: P
  • Previous mission followed:
  • Next Tracked Mission: ]
  • Mark the target: X
  • E-brake/wheel capacity: Space
  • Horn: F
  • Exiting the vehicle: E
  • Swap your seats: Q
  • Upward air control: O
  • Air Command Down: S
  • Left air control: A
  • Right air traffic control: D

All Borderlands 3 Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S Orders

  • Character Menus / Contextual Prompt (HOLD): window button
  • Action skill: left button
  • ADS (goal): Left trigger
  • Front-Back / Strafe: left stick
  • Sprint (HOLD): left stick
  • Pause/Quick Menu (HOLD): menu button
  • Grenade Throw: right button
  • Firearm: Right trigger
  • Main Use / Drop / Reload: X
  • Crouch / Slide / Slam on the ground: Yes
  • To jump: A
  • Look up and down / Rotate: right stick
  • Melee (Hold): right stick
  • Mark the target: D-Pad up
  • Toggle firing mode: D-Pad down
  • Previous active mission: Left D-Pad
  • Next active mission: Right D-Pad
  • Increase: left button
  • Secondary weapon: Left trigger
  • Air traffic control: left stick
  • Acceleration / Reverse: left stick
  • Horn (HOLD): left stick
  • Wheel capacity: right button
  • Main weapon: Right trigger
  • Main use: X
  • Swap your seats: Yes
  • Exiting the vehicle: B
  • Watch / Lead: right stick
  • Mark the target: D-Pad up
  • Previous active mission: Left D-Pad
  • Next active mission: Right D-Pad

Below are gameplay tips for playing Borderlands 3. These are intended for those who are new to the game and the series.

1. Diversify your weapon loadout in Borderlands 3

There are six different ammo types used in Borderlands 3: Assault, Pistol, SMG, Shotgun, Sniper and Heavy. You start with two weapon slots and can expand to four in total. Weapons of the same type use the same ammo stock. To avoid getting stuck with multiple empty weapons, select weapons with different ammo types for each weapon slot.

Keep in mind that Pistol and SMG do not use the same ammo. You can carry both without worrying about running out of other weapons. There is some flexibility with this method as you may be in a situation where you have two powerful weapons that share the same ammo, but have different elemental attributes which may be needed for certain powerful bosses or enemies (see below) .

2. How to fast travel in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 has expanded fast travel to make it easier to travel from almost anywhere. You can only travel to places where you have already discovered and unlocked the fast travel station. You can either view the map in your ECHO device or fast travel by interacting with a fast travel station.

Borderlands 3 also allows you to travel to different planets. If you need to return to a previous region, put the map in galaxy view and select the planet you want to travel to. If you are on Athenas, it will only show you fast travel stations for that planet. Vehicles can also be used as a fast travel point. If you enter an area where you cannot drive your vehicle, park it, complete your mission, and teleport to your vehicle. You can even fast travel during combat.

3. Manage your inventory in Borderlands 3

There are eight different types of items you can carry in Borderlands 3. Storage fills up very quickly because you only start out with 16 inventory slots. Visit Marcus in the Sanctuary to purchase Storage Platform Upgrades (SDUs) to increase inventory space. Each type of SDU has eight available upgrades and price increases for each level. Stock management becomes less tedious once you’ve unlocked all of the locations, but the amount of loot available is endless.

Selling items in vending machines is another way to free up space. This serves two purposes. Money is needed for upgrades to buy storage space and selling items frees up storage slots. Access is granted to the bank after unlocking the shrine. The bank has limited space and can also be upgraded with SDUs. Fast Travel makes it easy to unload or sell items as needed.

4. Expose enemy weaknesses against elemental damage in Borderlands 3

The Binary Terminator can switch between corrosive and radiative elemental damage.

Having the highest rated weapon in a fight isn’t always the most important factor in Borderlands 3. The best way to prepare is to equip elemental weapons and action skills. Stacking elemental items gives you even more advantages. You can upgrade your weapon, shield and grenade with different items. The environment also provides opportunities to deal elemental damage. Some barrels contain hazardous materials which are propagated during the explosion. Also look for faulty fuel tanks and electrical panels and shoot these objects when enemies are nearby.

Flesh, shield and armor are the three different types of health meters in the game. Radiation, Shock, Incendiary, Corrosive and Cryo are the five different types of elemental damage. Normal weapons do kinetic damage which has no special advantages, but is weak against armor. Flesh takes less damage from shock and corrosive attacks, but is weak against fire attacks. The shield takes half damage from shock attacks, but is weak against incendiary, corrosive, and cryogenic damage. Armor is strong against elemental attacks except for Corrosive and Cryo which are very effective against armor.

Try to keep a mix so you are equipped for any situation.

5. Revisit regions to collect loot in Borderlands 3

There is an endless amount of loot in Borderlands 3. Upgrading your player requires Cash and XP. Loot respawns each time you return to a previously discovered areaso revisit the locations that have the best loot as often as you like to accumulate cash to buy upgrades as well as weapons to sell for cash.

Boss fights are also great for farming loot. Boss fights reset indefinitely. Repeatedly fight the boss you feel most confident against and it will also net you some great loot. Bosses drop a large amount of loot with some items having a rating as high as Legendary. Reserve as many inventory slots as possible before facing a boss so you don’t miss holding or selling rare items.

You now have the controls and some getting started tips for Borderlands 3. Proper inventory management is extremely important to your success. The key is to not carry dead weight while remaining as diverse as possible. Refer to the tips above to help you create a winning strategy in Borderlands 3.

James V. Hayes