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For the Shiv Sena, engaged in an existential battle against the rebels led by Eknath Shinde, the next battle is over the party symbol: the bow and arrow.

Such was the party’s hold on its executives until a few years ago that regardless of the candidate, the Sena loyalist voter would simply vote for the bow and arrow and secure the party’s victory.

But what if the electoral commission suspends the symbol following the fight? It was this possibility that no doubt weighed on his mind when Uddhav Thackeray addressed members of the office on Thursday evening and asked them to be prepared for a situation where the party might lose the symbol and would have to run for office. voter with a new symbol.

“You should be ready for a new Shiv Sena symbol. Attempts may be made to claim our symbol. In the event that we fail to retain it legally, we should be ready to bring the new symbol to every home,” Thackeray pointedly said during Thursday’s meeting with party officials. A leaked video of the meeting caused a stir in Sena circles, and prompted BJP leader Pravin Darekar to claim that Uddhav Thackeray had already given up the fight for his party. HT could not verify the authenticity of the clip.

After the ball following the leaked video, Thackeray clarified his remarks during a press briefing on Friday. The Sena’s bow and arrow symbol, he said, was theirs, and no one else’s.

“Attempts are underway to create some confusion and so I want to urge people not to fall into their trap. Legislative parties and registered parties are two different things. There are countless citizens, votes, workers, office bearers in the registered party. Not every member of the office can be poached through threats or offers of money,” he added.

“What I wanted to emphasize [at the meeting] was that the electorate also focuses on the candidate and not only on the symbol of the party. They vote for the Shiv Sena candidate. This does not mean that it is necessary to worry about the symbol. No one can take it away from us,” he said, adding that he was confident the court verdict would favor him. “I have full confidence in justice. The verdict of the Supreme Court will decide the future of Indian democracy and not just that of the Shiv Sena,” Thackeray said.

“He will verify that the country is functioning on the basis of the constitution given to us by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. I hope to get justice. Uddhav went on to say that he was ready to go to the people to ask for a new term and demanded midterm elections in the state.


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