Batman Video Solves A Bat Symbol Mystery We Didn’t Know Existed

A video detailing the handmade gadgets used in The Batman reveals the practical truth behind the chest symbol worn on Robert Pattinson’s jumpsuit.

The Batman solves a mystery surrounding the bat chest symbol on the Dark Knight costume.

In a video that has since been made unavailable, star Robert Pattinson detailed the various handmade gadgets made by his version of Bruce Wayne/Batman, including the bat symbol worn on his costume’s chest. While fans have long assumed the symbol was forged from the gun that killed Bruce Wayne’s parents, the video revealed it was actually a tactical knife.

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When Pattinson’s suit was first revealed in 2020, fans noticed the bat badge on the chest, with some speculating it was a reference to Detective comics #1000 by writer Kevin Smith and artist Jim Lee. The comic saw Bruce Wayne melt down the gun used to murder his parents and forge it into his costume as an added layer of protection.

The Batman Director Matt Reeves previously explained that Pattinson will portray a realistic, practical version of the Caped Crusader, and a recent photo offered a high-res preview of the suit, which was detailed with battle scars and armor plating. Reeves explained the “gross” appearance of the costume, saying he wanted Batman’s costume to look handmade in the film. In particular, he wanted his imperfections, such as the cowl seams, to be visible to the public.

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“He’s on this obsessive mission,” Reeves said. “He’s a rich man who can use the money to do this stuff, but he does it himself. So I wanted, on a practical level, for you to see the seams in everything he does. ” Reeves also explained that the DIY nature of Pattinson’s Batman extended from creating the costume to building the Batmobile.

“In the suit, you can see the stitching in the hood,” he said. “You can see he’s doing all of this himself. You can see he’s building this car in his garage. You can see his roughness. There must have been some unfinished, unpolished quality to it. Obviously the car needs to play, so I thought it should be like a muscle car. And the suit had to protect it, so it had to make sure it looked almost tactical, and almost felt like anti gear. -riot.

The Batman was described as a neo-noir crime thriller that will follow a young Bruce Wayne who is only in his second year of vigilance. Both Reeves and Pattinson said the film would rely heavily on the character’s detective abilities.

The Batman hits theaters March 4, 2022

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