32% of consumers use digital and voice commands

The digital transformation of the home is one of the most fascinating and even futuristic aspects of the digital shift, as tens of millions of consumers increasingly control their thermostats, check their security systems and make purchases by talking to smart assistants.

For the latest PYMNTS “ConnectedEconomy™ Monthly Report: The Rise of The Smart Home”, we surveyed nearly 2,700 US consumers in May and found that the smart home trend is buzzing.

“Not only do 53 million American consumers use automatic and smart home technologies such as Roombas and air conditioning systems,” the study notes, “but 79 million Americans use voice assistants like Alexa and Google home to manage tasks everyday life and their connected homes.”

It is clear and clear that digital and voice are resolutely domestic innovations.

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  • Engagement with digital and smart home devices reached 32% in May

Our latest research found that consumers are becoming more accustomed to speaking commands they would have typed not long ago as smart homes get smarter – a trend that will certainly have long-term implications. for everything from products to prices and promotions.

“Last month, engagement in activities involving digital and smart home devices reached 32%, or the equivalent of 83 million people, ranging from home security apps, climate controls automated devices or home voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home,” the study said.

Our results show that the share of consumers using smart home devices and digital home apps is higher than at any time since November 2021, and rising.

  • 26% of consumers used voice assistants to make purchases in May

The main thing people say to their smart speakers is “buy it”.

As the study notes, “Not only did 29% of consumers use voice assistants to manage their tasks in May, but 26% used them to make online purchases for groceries, food, sale items retail or otherwise. These numbers vary from month to month, but the overall trajectory is clear: smart homes are becoming more popular, not less. »

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James V. Hayes