10 questions for the SWFT Blockchain team

Crypto adoption is booming, and nowadays it seems like everyone is accepting cryptocurrencies. The prices have definitely reflected the surge in interest, and so, countless new wallet apps have sprung up trying to get their piece of the pie.

But, in this rush, many have sacrificed quality for speed, hoping they will have the advantage of arriving early. What they don’t see is that there are already countless wallets out there and the crypto industry is now looking for something advanced, user-friendly, and original, like cross-chain wallets that would really revolutionize things. for traders.

SWFT Blockchain offers just that – a cross-chain wallet and payment app powered by SwftCoin (SWFTC), which allows users to trade, pay and share over 200 digital currencies. Sharing is instant, secure, and straightforward, and even Binance approves of the project, given that it has included it in their BSC landscape. Not only that, but the team is set to launch a decentralized multi-chain exchange aggregator that will combine their years of experience in best-execution crypto exchange with the transparency of DeFi.

All SWFT Blockchain-the services provided are offered at the best rates, as claimed in the project, and with extremely low costs. Average trading time over the past 24 hours is only 7.7 seconds, while trading volume is equivalent to 23.8 BTC at the time of writing.


SWFT Blockchain has a very user-friendly application. What kinds of things can users do with it?

A better question would be “what can’t users do with the SWFT Blockchain app?”

While our main attraction is our cross-chain exchange feature with some of the best market rates and lowest fees, the SWFT Blockchain app is much more than that. It also offers a mobile wallet with custodial and non-custodial (decentralized) storage options, as well as features like lending and SWFT Pay. SWFT Pay is a cool feature that allows users to send or request payments in hundreds of cryptocurrencies instantly without having to worry about wallet addresses. Recipients can even select the wallet in which they want to receive their payment. A fan favorite feature, Red Packets allow anyone to share any currency (of over 200 available) with up to 5,000 people at a time using just one link! It also means that users can claim free crypto in the app every day!

How many cryptocurrencies are available on your SWFT Pay?

Over 200 cryptocurrencies from dozens of blockchains are available for cross-chain trading on SWFT Blockchain and also available for payments with SWFT Pay and Red Packets. One of our goals for 2021 is to add support for fiat currencies in all of our products.

How can users make payments with the service?

To make a payment using SWFT Pay, users can press the “+” menu in their SWFT Blockchain application and select the Pay function. You will then select the recipient of the payment (you can leave this field blank to pay with a link), the currency you want to pay in and the amount you want to send. You can also include a note or message with your payment to remind your friends what you are paying for. If you don’t enter a recipient, SWFT Pay will generate a payment link that you can share with anyone, anywhere. SWFT Pay also allows you to request payments using the “Request” function. You can select the currency you want and the amount you want to receive and a QR code will be generated. Once scanned, this QR code will allow the payer to enter their SWFT account details and finalize the payment. The request feature also allows you to send payment requests using a link to anyone, anywhere.

What can you tell us about your referral program?

Users who share SWFT Blockchain with their friends through a referral link will receive 50% of their referral exchange fee for one year! Referrals also happen automatically when someone creates an account after opening a red package. This means that if you spread some crypto love, you will get some back as well.

What can SWFT Blockchain offer other companies?

Not only do our swaps help SWFT Blockchain users, but they also help users of other wallets and platforms like TokenPocket, Ellipal, Swapzone and more! We partner with wallets and platforms to provide their users with the best trading experience without having to leave their wallet. Most recently, we partnered with Nabox Wallet, a recently launched cross-channel DeFi wallet. We look forward to partnering with even more wallet providers and other crypto platforms once our DEX Aggregator launches in June.

The SWFT blockchain was recently presented in the BSC ecosystem. How did this affect the business and your room?

At SWFT Blockchain we have always believed that the future is multi-chain, which is why we have worked for years to make it easier to move from currency to currency and from blockchain to blockchain. We have supported Binance Smart Chain since its launch and have been impressed with its adoption and success. Times like these are the reason we built our cross-chain solutions, so we were excited to support BSC and add BSC assets to our swaps. We now support direct exchanges to and from over 30 different BSC assets as well as non-custodial storage options for BSC and WalletConnect so you can use your favorite BSC DeFi apps straight from your SWFT Blockchain wallet!
We’ve even integrated PancakeSwap, our very first DEX, into our back-end liquidity pools, making it even easier to support more BSC assets in the future. Last but not least, SWFTC is now multi-channel! SWFTC is now available on Binance Smart Chain and HECO as a BEP-20 and HRC-20 token, which means it is now available on DEXs (like MDEX and PancakeSwap), Liquidity Farms and more!

What other use cases does SwftCoin have in your project ecosystem?

SwftCoin (SWFTC) offers SWFT Blockchain users a 50% discount on swap fees. This means that your 0.2% swap fee becomes 0.1% if you pay them in SWFTC! It may not mean much if you are doing a small exchange, but if you use SWFT Blockchain to trade frequently or to trade large amounts of cryptocurrency, that 50% makes a big difference! 0.1% fee for trading cryptocurrencies between channels with just the push of a button? It sounds too good to be true, but with SWFTC it is not!

Finally, can you tell us what your plans might include for the rest of the year and beyond?

Well, right now we are in Miami for Bitcoin2021 and are very happy to meet people from the industry again. A few weeks ago, we announced a detailed plan for the rest of 2021 and we are working hard on it! Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard to create the SWFT Decentralized Exchange Aggregator, the new place to get the best swap rates on any blockchain in one place. The first phase of the new SWFT DEX Aggregator will launch on Binance Smart Chain in June. After that, it will be rolled out to other chains like Ethereum, HECO, Solana and more, resulting in a revolutionary decentralized cross-chain aggregator that will combine the best of SWFT Blockchain’s existing exchange technology with decentralized funding across multiple blockchains. at the same time.
This is just one of the many things we are working on. Some of our other plans include on and off-ramp fiat integrations and the development of more advanced payment tools, along with larger wallet integrations. Ultimately, we look forward to SWFTC becoming a governance token for the decentralized cross-chain aggregator.

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