I’ve resigned myself to a life of affordable goods, but that doesn’t mean a constant compromise in personal style. Welcome to On the Cheap, my weekly pick of affordable items that are actually worth it—and look far more expensive than they actually are.

I am not a millennial pink lady, nor do I wear jumpsuits. Both make me feel too young, which is a difficult cross for my 5'1'' frame to bear. But the moment I saw the two worlds collide in this adorable coverall, I was sold. In my mind, it's what Barbie would wear to soup up her fuchsia Ferrari.

Clothing, Pink, Robe, Nightwear, Shoulder, Sleeve, Peach, Trench coat, Outerwear, Neck, SHOP NOW
Short Sleeve Belted Jumpsuit, $37; target.com


Clothing, Pink, Robe, Sleeve, Waist, Joint, Fashion, Nightwear, Shoulder, Neck, SHOP NOW
Short Sleeve Belted Jumpsuit, $28; target.com


Offered in sizes XS - 4X, the affordable and accessible style immediately sends you into a daydreaming style sesh. Imagine wearing it with single sole pumps to work or to your next lunch date look paired with a straw bag. Toss on some sneakers and wear it casually while walking the dog. The possibilities are just short of formal, although we wouldn't blame you for wearing it to a wedding. At a price that barely rivals a few fancy cocktails, you too will eschew your no-jumpsuit rule.

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