Everlane The Cotton Cami

The Cotton Cami

Everlane The Cotton Cami

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From mom jeans to , we've seen just about every fashion item from the '90s re-infiltrate our 2019 wardrobe. And just in time for summer, we have another throwback style climbing the ranks: the spaghetti strap tank top. Versions of the trend have popped up at Gen Z stores like Brandy Melville and Urban Outfitters, but those tend to be too tiny or too campy (similar to tank tops Sporty Spice wore). In other words, everything on the market looked a little too similar to what we wore in middle school.

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But thank Everlane because they just launched a grown-up version of the '90s tank and it only costs $18. The ethical fashion brand is known for their endless stream of great basics, and these new tanks are no different. Each silhouette is the kind you could get away with at the office, are made of 100 percent cotton, and come in super wearable colors. Plus they're produced in a socially-conscious factory in Vietnam (the brand is all about transparency in their production lines). Read on for more on the spaghetti strap tank, plus some other ones we're currently loving from the brand.

The Cotton Cami

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The Cotton Cami, $18

As we mentioned, Everlane's version of the spaghetti strap is our favorite on the market. It comes in four different colors including baby blue (a '90s color if there ever was one) and the jersey cotton is super soft but thick. But for the braless types, be aware that the white color way could show off more than you bargained for.

The Cotton Cutaway Tank

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The Cotton Cutaway Tank, $18

Everlane perfected the length on this, hitting right at your hips. The neckline on the cutaway is a wide racerback, which will flatter both narrow and broad shoulders. Bonus: We know most offices are weird about cotton tanks, but the clean lines on this cut is so elegant you could wear it alone or under a blazer.

The Cotton Scoop-Neck Muscle Tank

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The Cotton Scoop-Neck Muscle Tank, $18

For a looser fit, reach for Everlane's muscle tank. It has a breezy, boyish won't cling to the body and like the cutaway tank, the neckline is a little higher and the straps are wide enough to hide a bra under, also making it ideal for the workplace.

Stock up on every style and color now, because this is a summer staple that is sure to sell out fast.

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