Apply for a student loan

To apply for a student loan, you will soon end up with the StL group. this organization has several tasks, such as organizing exams for education, but the StL group is mainly responsible for financing students so that they can follow a study. An editorial over at


Apply for a student loan

Apply for a student loan

If you are going to study, not only does it cost money to study, you also have to add your other costs, such as renting a room and such. If you put the costs in a row you will see that you quickly lose around 1000 euros a month, this is also because cities where universities often have high room rates due to high demand. That is why a student loan is inevitable for many students. Below is an overview of the monthly charges that you cannot ignore.


Telephone: 35 euros

Shopping: 160 euros

Textbooks: 90 euros

Nightlife and sports: 130 euros

Rent: 400 euros

Clothing and shoes: 60 euros

Health insurance: 110 euros

Textbooks: 90 euros

Transportation: 50 euros

In total you come to 1125 euros, here is of course something to save, for example to rent a house with several students instead of a room.


What do you have to meet?

student loan

What exactly must you meet in order to receive a student loan? If you want to apply for a student loan , there are various schemes of the StL group that you might qualify for. In addition to the student loan, for example, there is a scheme for parents of a student who is studying, they can apply for an allowance, this scheme only applies if the student is younger than 18 years of age. Students who are 18 years and older must apply for a student loan themselves.


Student living away from home

Student living away from home

If we assume that you no longer live with your parents, you can apply for a student loan of just under 1000 euros if you meet all the conditions. This amount is divided into different blocks.


Basic grant € 279.14

Additional grant € 258.35

Borrowing € 295.73

Tuition fee credit € 152.92

Total € 986.14

This brings you to a total of just under 1000 euros, these amounts are adjusted every six months. Your student loan is paid out every 24th of the month. 

Your student finance starts immediately when you start studying. If you are not yet 18, you will receive student finance from the 1st month of the 1st full quarter of your study (usually in the month of October).